Muay Thai: Our style is a blend of American Boxing movement and angles, and Thailand’s Muay Thai utilizing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinch work

GI BJJ: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wearing the traditional gi, focussed on sport Jiu Jitsu style

NO GI/MMA: Grappling with no gi focused on MMA style grappling: includes strong emphasis on wrestling, ground striking and ground striking defense

Competitive Class: Both Kids and Adults competitive classes are offered as additional training in lead up to grappling and striking competitions. There is online sign up required to attend these classes.

5-7 & 8-12yr Old BJJ: Our Kid’s BJJ programs are set apart by age to ensure maximum enjoyment and learning for each group.  Our 5-7yr old class focuses on fundamental movements and agility.  The grappling technique focuses on basic position and only basic submissions.  Our 8-12 group is a more adavanced program focusing on basic position and submission as well as higher level transitions and submission.  Our competitive Kids are expected to attend both bjj and Competitve Classes.

Muay Thai Kids: Our kid’s Muay Thai class teaches the same fundamental skills as our Adult Program in a fun and safe enviroment.  Our kid’s program base price allows access to both the BJJ and Muay Thai classes

Any questions contact Graham at (306) 270-1368 or email